Q: What if I cannot find a Hawker Center or Food Court in the app's built-in address list?

A: Don't worry! You can add your own! Just type the name of the food center in the search bar; if it does not match any existing entry in the list, you will see a "+New Food Centre" button. Enjoy!

Q: Can I turn off the app notifications?

A: Yes, just follow the simple instruction provided in the "?" button located on the Notification page. However, we strongly recommend you to keep your notifications on, because it is almost the only way we can keep you informed of important news (e.g., lucky draw winners and your performance); we normally do not use E-mails. After all, we usually send only one notification a day.

*** Below this line, the FAQ is all about how to earn MORE points by forming your C-Team / V-Team. This is an interesting and useful feature but, if you find it hard to understand, you can ignore it because, in any case, posting your hawker food is the MOST DIRECT and EFFECTIVE way to earn points. ***

Q: What is a contributor? What is a voter?

A: Everyone is both a contributor and a voter! As a contributor, you contribute food posts; as a voter, you vote for other good contributors (i.e., form your C-team).

* All the following answers can also be found in the FoodPriceSG App. Just tap the "?" button on the upper-right of each corresponding page. *

Q: What is "Competency"?

A: Competency is your most recent contribution performance, which is the daily average of your earned points in the past 30 days. It is updated daily at midnight.

Your rank on the Leaderboard is based on your Competency. To have a high Competency score, all you need to do is to contribute food posts regularly (preferrably daily).

Q: What is "Trust Index"?

A: Trust Index reflects how many other users are voting for you (i.e., they are your V-Team members). Trust Index is updated daily at midnight.

A higher Trust Index enables you to earn more points from each of your future contributed posts. To increase your Trust Index, all you need to do is to attract a larger V-team (see below).

Q: What is "Trust Capital"?

A: Trust Capital is your total points. Unlike Competency and Trust Index, it is updated instantly.

The main way to earn Trust Capital is to contribute food posts. The other way is to look for good contributors and vote for them, or in other words to form a strong C-team (see below).

Q: What is a C-team?

A: Your C-team are all the contributors you vote for.

Q: Why should I form a C-team? And how?

A: Forming a C-team of good contributors enables you to earn more points (i.e., "Trust Capital"). Good contributors are those who actively contribute useful food posts, and as a result they have a high "Competency" score.

The easiest way to form a good C-team is to follow the system's personal recommendation by tapping the “Choose for me” button on the C-Team page.

If you want, you can also customize the recommendation by (1) adjusting a person's “Wt” or (2) "favoring" a person (so that your C-team will include him/her for sure) by tapping on the HEART icon on top of him/her.

Note: Any changes to your C-team will only take effect from next day onward (after midnight GMT+8).

Q: What is a V-team?

A: Your V-team are all the people who are voting for you! :)

Q: Why should I form a V-team? And how?

A: Having a V-team increases your "Trust Index" which in turn will make each of your future posts earn more points.

You do not really "form" a V-Team, but "attract" as many people as posible to vote for you (and thereby become your V-team member). The only way to do so is to increase your "Competency" score because that is what the app is based on to recommend you to other users. To increase your "Competency", the only way is to regularly contribute food posts.

Q: What is Discovery Zone?

A: Discovery Zone is a “staging area” where you put in some candidate users to consider whether to include them in your C-team. This is a slightly advanced feature and you do not have to use it.